The American Legion

The American Legion played the leading role in drafting and passing of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, otherwise known as the "GI Bill." In addition to organizing commemorative events, members provide assistance at VA hospitals and clinics. It is active in issue-oriented U.S. politics. Its primary political activity is lobbying on behalf of interests of veterans and service members, including support for benefits such as pensions and the Veterans Health Administration. The organization has also historically promoted "Americanism."

Charles A. Conklin Post #28 Elected Officers

John Bilski, Post Commander
Janet E. Fonger, 1st Vice Commander
Gary Doublestein, 2nd Vice Commander
Larry Lambert, Adjutant
Cyndy Wierenga, Finance Officer
Duane Smith, Chaplain
David Carlson, Judge Advocate
Freddy Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms
Ed DeKoekkoek, Historian
Garrett Veihl, Service Officer
Larry Lambert, Service Officer
Hoyt Fonger, Service Officer
Ray Ribbink, Executive-at-Large
Freddy Smith, Executive-at-Large
Jim Vette, Executive-at-Large
Jim Porenta, Past Commander

Post #28 Auxiliary Elected Officers

Kathleen Edwards, President
Diane Janusch-Johnson, 1st Vice President
Melanie Riekels, 2nd Vice President
Ginny Hebert, Secretary
Michele Stetts, Treasurer
Linda Gieske, Historian
Pam Medendorp-Peck, Chaplain
Barb Kelly, Sergeant-at-Arms
Kathleen Edwards, Membership

Post #28 Sons of the American Legion Elected Officers

Jeff Warner, Commander
Ross Berens, 1st Vice Commander
Hans VanHorssen, 2nd Vice Commander
T.L. Lowe, Finance Officer
Al VanDam, Chaplain
Charlie Chittenden, Historian
Charlie Chittenden, Sergeant-at-Arms
Scott Kelly, Membership
Paul Kubicek, Adjutant
David Ireland, Past Commander